International Conference on Islam, Economy, and Halal Industry 2019

Poster ICIEHI 2019 (download)
Update: 25-06-2019

Halal derives from Arabic and translates as permissible in English (Bakar and Chin, 2015). Halal is an important command for Muslim that is performed by protecting all parts of humans’ life, both personal needs and social interaction, from impermissible matters. Due to the command, it is suggested for Muslim to grow in an environment that supports the halal need fulfilment. It involves economy and business industry as the home of goods and services production. Therefore, the halal economy and halal business industry become a huge demand and concern for Muslims.

We invite all professors, researchers, students, practitioners, and other halal industry enthusiasts to participate in The International Conference on Islamic Economy and Halal Industry to present, share, and discuss the halal industry phenomenon depicted by academic research result as a strategic way to enlarge and enhance the development of halal industry together.

This event is designed to accommodate knowledge transfer through sharing and discussion regarding halal industry, delivered by International speakers both academia and practitioner.

Topic include but are not limited to:

-Fiqh Muamalah, Islamic Law & Philanthropy
-Islamic Banking, Finance, Insurance, & Sharia Accounting
-Sharia Capital Market & Financial Technology
-Islamic Economics & Business Education
-Halal Science & Technology
-Halal Lifestyle, Fashion, Travel & Tourism
-Halal Food, Pharmaceutical, & Cosmetics Manufacturing
-Halal Business Management, Marketing, & Communication
-Entrepreneurship, SME’s, & Family Business
-Management, Organization, Leadership & IT

Publication opportunities for accepted papers:

(authors available for decide one category – Journals or Proceeding or Book of Chapter – in registration form)

– Scopus/Web of Science/ISI/ERA indexed (Selected papers only)*
– Reviewed National-International Journals (Sinta/DOAJ/MyCite Indexed)
– Conference E-proceeding Google Scholar Indexed with ISSN and DOI Crossref (All accepted papers)**
– Scopus/ISI/WOS/ERA indexed (Selected papers only)*
Book of Chapter*

* need additional fee, excluded in payment general facilities,
** free, included in payment general facilities

General Facilities:

– Seminar and Call for Papers Participant
– Certificate
– Seminar Kit
– Coffee Break and Lunch Meals
– Review and proofreading process
– Book of Abstract
– Conference E-Proceeding (*in registration decide for choose publish in Proceeding not Journals)